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Organic Bentonite is a kind of lopophilic clay which is made from the interaction between hydrophilic bentonite and quaternary ammonium salts cationic surfactants.It can disperse in the oil as a viscosifier. It can also suspend the barite.This gives the drilling fluid a good property of suspension,wall-protection and anti-filtration. Usually adding 3g into 100ml drilling fluid can suspend 200g barite powder.


Drilling fluid reference proportion:


Material                         Amount(kg/m3)             Material               Amount(kg/m3)

Span-80                                      70                                    KCl                        50                       

Humic acid acetamide            30                                  NaCl                       160

Organic Bentonite                    30                                   CaCl2                     150

Petroleum sulphur iron           100                           0#Diesel/water         70/30

Oxidized asphalt                       0-30                              barite                        depend

Lime                                            90



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