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      Hangzhou Heidis New Material Co.,Ltd applys itself to reseach and development,manufacturing and sales of Organic Bentonite and relevant techonology and services. We are aware of the importance of healthy,safety and environment protection. We actively accept and undertake our responsibilites in the local and global area. 
        We make our policy and principle to support the environment protection. We put our best effort to reduce the affection to the environment by improving our technology and investment.
Our policy is as following:

  1. 1.   Assure all of our activities conform to the international,domestic and local law and rules.And make the company special measurement to implement the environment protection. 

    2.   Maintain healthy,safety,environmental management system to prevent pollution.Adopt performance-based administration.

    3.   Training the stall and coordinate with the clients to work safely and responsibly.Specially concentrate on self-protection,protecting others and environment.

    4.   Optimize the resources through retrieving and recycling. Reduce the energy-consumption.

    5.   Combine the relevant sustainable development technology to R&D new products and solutions. Improve the safe usage of resources. 

    6.   Proactively cooperate with the heathy,safety and environment protection organization.Take the relevant responsibility and contribute to the best environmental solution.