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1.Prouduct features

     It is flowable light-color powder that can be used in oil base systems with original petroleum and diesel oil. It is stable and has good suspension and thixotropic features .The powder can be added directly when dispersing in high speed.


2. Product specificity

Appearance                    light colored cream powder

Volatile content (2hr.105℃)                  ≤3.5%
Granularity (<0.076mm )                    ≥95%
Gel  ratio  ml/2g                          ≥95%


3. Product main application

     With the function of enhancing suspension, layer separation, wall retaining and filtration reduction, it is widely used in production of oil filed drilling slurry and oil base drill pipe releasing slurry etc., and it can retain its stable physical and chemical features in high temperatures.


4. Packaging and storage

 Kraft bag interior with PE, or valve bags are used. The weight is 25±0.25kg/bag, or according to customer demands. Keep it in dry places with temperatures of 0℃~30℃. The quality guarantee period is 24months.