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Applicable to Greases:

The grease is a kind of solid or viscid lubricant which is made from lubrication oil added thickener and petroleum additives. The organic bentonite HT-A301 is a kind of popular thickening agent which is convenient and simple.

The polar activator can be: Propylene carbonate, Ethanol/water(95/5), Acetone/water(95/5). 

Higher polarity, less amount.


Reference process:


1.Add half amount of base oil into the reactor,then heat up to 60-70 dgree celsius.

2.Add organic bentonite(10-15% of the total formulation) and mix 5-10 minutes.

3. Add polar activator(30-40% of bentonite amount) and other additives. Mix 25-30 minutes.

4.Add the balance base oil into the reactor and keep reavting 30 minutes. 

5.Pump it and cross through three-roller mill or homogenizer.

6.Deaeration,filtration and package.


Remarkable: increase the dispersing speed and extend the dispersing time can improve the efficiency of HT-A301.


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