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1.Quality specification:
Appearance                                     :  light color, free-flowing powder
Moisture content ( 105℃,2hrs )   : ≤3.5%
Granularity (<76μm or 200mesh)    : ≥95%
Gel ratloml/2g                               : ≥95%


2. Characteristics and Application:
Free-flowing powder with light color.  Applicable to low polar solvent systems. 
Need high speed dispersing. Dry powder addition. Good thixotropy and stability to make the mud have good suspension property, wall protection and anti-filtration, furthermore, under the pressure 108Pa and the temperature 230℃,
the mud can maintain stable physical and chemical property. 
Used in oil drilling mud, emulsion oil mud, suspending agent, etc.


3.The international counter-brand is: Bentone-990,VG-69,VERSA.


4. Packaging and storage

Kraft bag interior with PE, or valve bags are used. The weight is 25±0.25kg/bag, or according to customer demands. Keep it in dry places with temperatures of 0℃~30℃. The quality guarantee period is 24months.