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1.Quality specification:
        Appearance                                    :   white, free flowing powder
        Moisture content ( 105℃,2hrs ) : ≤3.5%
        Granularity (<76μm or 200mesh)  : ≥95%
        Fineness dispersion(no mill)   : ≤50μm
        Density                       :1.6 g/cm3



2. Characteristics and Application:

HT-S310 is a new style product with easily dispersing, super thixotropic effect, good transparency. Applicable to low and middle polar solvent systems, it can be dispersed with a small amount of polar activator at high speed shear. It has good anti-sagging, anti-flowing , ideal thickening and thixotropic property. HT-S310 can be added at any step. Then polar activator dosage is 20% of organoclay with dispersion at high speed or by mill. Usually, the dosage in paints is 0.2-1.5%, while in high thixotropic or thick paints is 1-2.7%.It is applicable in sealants, high temperature lubricating greases, bitumen paints, chlorinated rubber paints, high-grade paints, furniture paints, etc.


3. Packaging and storage

Kraft bag interior with PE, or valve bags are used. The normal package is 25±0.25kg/bag, or according to customer demands. Keep it in dry places with temperatures of 0℃~30℃. The quality guarantee period is 24months.