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1.Quality specification:
           Appearance                                             :  light (yellow),free-flowing powder
           Moisture content ( @105℃,2hrs )          : ≤3.5%
           Granularity (<76μm or 200mesh)           : ≥95%
           Viscosity (7% xylene gel,25℃)               : ≥3.5 Pa•S
           Viscosity (5% 200# gel, 25℃)                : ≥1500mPa•S
           Loss on ignition ( @850-900 ℃)            : ≤40%

2. Characteristics and Application:
Strong thickening ability, good compatibility, need polar activator. 
Applicable to low, middle and high polar solvent systems especially 
suit for 200# solvent, coal tar, arene, etc. 
Used in paints, printing inks, sealants, lubricating greases, putty, mixed paints, bitumen paints, chlorinated rubber paints, epoxy paints, anticorrosion paints, container paints, etc.


3.The international countertype is: Bentone-52 ,Claytone-HT,Tixogel-VP,Viscogel-B4/B8


4. Packaging and storage

Kraft bag interior with PE, or valve bags are used. The weight is 25±0.25kg/bag, or according to customer demands. Keep it in dry places with temperatures of 0℃~30℃. The quality guarantee period is 24months.