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1.Quality specification:
 Appearance                                    :  white free flowing power  
Moisture content  (105℃, 2hrs ) : ≤10% 
Granularity  (<76μm or 200mesh ) : ≥95%
Swell index  ( 16 hrs )                     : ≥22ml/g
Bulk density                                     :550-650 g/L


2.Characteristics and Application:
HT-W604 is Li-bentonite which is made from bentonite by purifying and modifying. Good thixotropic property, high dilatability, good thickening. 
Used in water-based coatings and alcoholic group systems, precision casting, ceramic color oil coatings, emulsion coatings, blunge water, self-leveling flooring compounds, etc.


3.The international countertype is: Bentone EW/LT, Laporte WH,OPTIBENT616


4. Packaging and storage

 Kraft bag interior with PE or valve bags are used. The normal package is 25±0.25kg/bag, or according to customer demands. Keep it in dry places with temperatures of 0℃~30℃. The quality guarantee period is 24months.